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Anthony Cucci

December - 2018

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The Transportation Department is honored to award Anthony Cucci as the Employee of the Month for December. Anthony joined Willow Run Foods in October of 2013. Once he reached the minimum two year requirement, it was an easy decision to promote Anthony to a driver trainer in January of 2016 given his professionalism and safe driving history. Anthony is assigned Routes 192 and 385, both Popeye’s to New York City as well as Route 589, Popeye’s to Philadelphia. He is also one of the first drivers to volunteer for the Sunday local route whenever it is available. Since the beginning of the year, Anthony has completed 130 routes, with 115 of them resulting in perfect trucks. He is also on time 93 % of the time. These numbers are even more impressive when you consider that Anthony is training more often than not. This past year, he has helped 5 Willow Run trainees earn their CDL-A. Not only is Anthony a great worker, he is also very knowledgeable when it comes to New York City and Philadelphia. We greatly value his opinion, and often bounce ideas off of him when making time adjustments and stop changes to these locations due to his experience. Anthony has also been accident free since 2016 while delivering in these heavily populated locations. Overall, Anthony is one of our most valuable and respected city trainers. We often underestimate the pressure that is put upon training, let alone in New York City, and we deeply appreciate his hard work. For all these reasons and more, we are very proud to award Anthony Cucci as the Employee of the Month.

Nominated By: Steve Zelanyak and Mike Cacialli

Date: 12/07/18

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