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Demiano DeBella

August - 2020

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Demiano DeBella started working for Willow Run in June of 2017 as a dry selector and was one of the first employees to be a part of the “ride share” program. Demiano worked very hard from the beginning and soon mastered the dry selection process. We eventually started asking Demiano to help train new employees because he was always trying to be a better version of himself. His speed increased and he became one of the most accurate selectors in the dry. About two years ago we decided that we really needed someone to take on the job of picking freestyle coke cartridges full time because the number of stores taking part in the program were increasing weekly. Up until that point this job was occupied by team leaders who had to neglect their departments to fulfill customer orders. I was hesitant at first because each case is worth several hundred dollars, but I started looking through the roster trying to find a good candidate. As I looked over our employee list, I took two things into consideration. First was accuracy. As I have already mentioned, Demiano was very accurate. He was a star picker every week which meant that his picking errors were less than one per one thousand cases picked. In all reality, errors were rare for Demiano altogether. The second factor I focused on was reliability. Demiano reports to work every day and, unless there is an issue with ride share, is always on time. I remember a couple times that ride share was running behind and Demiano called to asked if there was anything that I can do to help him because he wanted to be on time. Demiano never calls in for his shift so we can always count on him to be here. There were a few people that stood out, but we chose Demiano and he has been an excellent choice. He has maintained his accuracy and dependability. Demiano’s positive attitude and dependability are a pleasure to have on our team and for these reasons I would like to award him August’s Employee of the Month. Demiano, thank you and congratulations!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Eric Zollbrecht

Date: 08/04/20

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