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24-7 except holidays

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1-800-234-7550 ext. 222

Dispatch office will direct your call as required.

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Willow Run Foods, Inc.

1006 US Route 11

Kirkwood, NY 13795 (Directions)


Willow Run Foods, Inc.

PO Box 1350

Binghamton, NY 13902

Phone Number

1-800-234-7550 (Toll Free)

607-338-5221 (Local)


If you have any questions please feel free to email any of our departments by clicking the appropriate link below

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Our Services, what makes us different!

Success through Customer Satisfaction!


We provide one-stop-shopping for our chain restaurant operators while focusing on building customer relationships and providing service that is second to none.

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We offer you a reliable, temperature controlled warehouse space. A strategically located facility in Kirkwood, New York. All within easy quick access to interstate highways.

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Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics Services. Transportation, LTL and FTL refrigeration services throughout the Northeastern United States.

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